View the beautiful Three-Color Lakes

A Brief Introduction to Three - Color Lakes

Three-colors Lakes is located in the Bianba County of Qamdo prefecture in Tibet last minute China travel deals, 50 kilometers away from the town. Three-color Lakes is a group of three lakes-the White Lake, the Black Lake and the Yellow Lake on the elevation of 4,200 kilometers. The lakes are surrounded by snow-mountains, forests, springs and waterfalls, all of which form a harmonious and beautiful landscape.

Legend about Three - Color Lakes

There is a beautiful legend about Three-color Lakes. According to the legend, the three lakes-White Lake, Black Lake and Yellow Lake, were originally three brave and valiant soldiers of King Gesar. Water in the three lakes never was inexhaustible just as the three senior generals of King Gesar would never die.

Cause of Formation of Three - Color Lakes

As for the cause of formation of the Three-color Lakes best tours of China, there is no final conclusion but three viewpoints. The first viewpoint goes that the lakes are of various depths, so they take on different colors. The second standpoint is that the mineral substances of the rocks in the lakes are diverse, which leads to the variety of the lakes' colors. While the last idea is that the difference of the water plants on the bottom of the lake gives rise to the diversity of the lakes' colors.

Attractions of Three - Color Lakes

The Three-color Lakes are embraced by green trees with waterfalls flowing into the lakes. Interestingly, these waterfalls are crystal clear before fall into the lakes. As soon as they fall into the lakes, the colors change immediately. There is a stream connecting the Black Lake and the White Lake. What is astonishing is that water in the Black Lake turns white the moment it flows into the White Lake popular China tour package. Many schools of big fish can be found in the Three-color Lakes, for the local people on the lakeshore never eat fish due to their religious faith.

In Tibetan, the White Lake is called Tsogar with white and grey water in it and lush green trees reflected on the surface of the lake. The Black Lake is called Tsonar in Tibetan. It is the largest lake among the three lakes. The Black Lake looks like ink pond from afar, with mountains surrounding it and unfathomable depth. The Yellow Lake is called Tsosi in Tibetan and is the smallest lake among the three lakes. In the sunshine, the water takes on a golden look with mists and clouds pervading above the lake. The Yellow Lake and the earth are of the same color.

Sceneries of the Three-color Lakes are different in different seasons. If you arrange your Tibet tour in April or May, you will have the chance of enjoying the azaleas on the lakeshores and wild ducks and black swans flying above the lakes. If you are lucky enough, you can also come across the national-level rare and endangered wild animals such as flocks of argali sheep and so on.

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