Ancient Town Travel: Wanshou Village

Wanshou Village – A Brief Introduction

Wanshou Village, also called Wanshou Mountain, is located 20 kilometers east of Shizhu County of Chonqing Yangtze River tour, on an altitude of 1,490 meters. Wanshou Village is one of the most representative tourist attractions of Shizhu County. It is famous for the historical event of Qin Liangyu-a female senior general of Ming Dynasty building the village here to defend against enemies. With different flowers blooming successively in the four seasons and steep and lofty peaks, sceneries in Wanshou Village scenic area are uniquely beautiful.

Wanshou Village - A Historical Heroine

Wanshou Village is the only well-documented station for the female heroine Qin Liangyu's troop. Up to now, there are still well-preserved barracks, flag stages, drill ground, village gates and so on in Wanshou Village China vacation deals.

Qin Liangyu is the only heroine recorded in the books of official history. She was good at horse archery and was also expert in writing poems. She volunteered to fight against the enemies and made substantial contributions to Ming royal court. The stories about Qin Liangyu have been passed down from generation to generation. Many visitors come here to appreciating the majestic momentum of the ancient battle field.

Wanshou Village – Attractions

Wanshou Village is divided into three parts: the front village, the inner village and the back village. Three gates blockade the village firmly, making Wanshou Village easily defensible. There are altogether two gates in the front village. A couplet is engraved in the first stone gate. Beside the second gate display two old mount fortresses top China tours.

The inner village in located on top of the mountain, capacious and flat, with the remains of drill ground and so on. It is the former site of Qin Liangyu's troop camp. A well in the shape of rectangle also remains in the inner village with sweet and clear water, never dries up. The well was once used for the soldier's drinking.

In the Xianren Cave outside the gate of the back village, several statues of Sakyamuni, Kwan-yin, and King of Medicine are treasure up.

There are two huge stones respectively in the southern and northern sides of Wanshou Village, staring at each other. Stone in the north is about 100 meters high with ancient pines overhanging in the air. The shape of it is like a man, so it is called "Male Stone Pillar". While stone in the south is about 70 meters high, leaning against the mountain and facing the river. It seems like a young lady and is named "Female Stone Pillar". Local people believe that there must be a fascinating love story between the two stone pillars. The two stone pillars are the symbol of Shizhu County.

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