To buy souvenirs after travel - Foshan Woodprints

Foshan is especially rich in tradition and culture affordable China tours, and its traditional woodprint has been flourishing for centuries. Woodprint is a famous folkway new year picture in south area of China.

The origion of the woodprint can be traced back in the Yongle period of Ming Dynasty, about 500 years ago. Woodprint New Year Picture is one of the most popular new year pictures in China. As it is produced in Foshan, Guangdong, so it is called Foshan Woodprint New Year Picture. There are three types, such as original picture, woodprint and hand printing, its contents includ door-god pictures, new year pictures, god figure pictures.

The most popular one is the door-god pictures, with contents of “Yu Lei”,

“Qin Shubao & Wei Chigong”, “Fortune & Longevity”, “Five Children Getting Government Degrees”, “Official Promotion”, “Tianji Sending Son”, “Hehe Immortals”, “Money Boy” and various god images and historic figures, etc. The pictures express the hopes and ideals of the locals top 10 China tours.

Foshan Woodprint New Year pictures are over printed with colors of red, orange, yellow and green. The gold and silver patterns are decorated on the helmets and robe belts, making the god images even more splendid. The Foshan New Year pictures have bold lines, simple, vigorous, with full structure, decorative with unique local styles. This kind of New Year Picture is well-known for its elegant design and fine craftsmanship.

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