Silk Road Travel - Sunday Bazaar Kashgar & Xinjiang Autonomous Museum

1. Sunday Bazaar Kashgar

Sunday Bazaar Kashgar

The Sunday Bazaar is an incredibly popular market all over the Xinjiang Province Silk Road tours and extend all over China since ancient times. Over the years it has grown larger in scale, and has attracted a wider range of merchants as well as buyers and tourists from Xinjiang as well as neighboring countries such as Pakistan and Kirghizstan.

Bazaar as in Uygur language means farming trading market. The Sunday Bazaar in Kashgar is by far the biggest, busiest and most popular market in Xinjiang.

Every week an estimated over 50,000 people are pouring into Kashgar's Sunday Bazaar from all around on bicycles, tractors, trucks and even donkey-drawn carts. Almost anything can be traded here from livestock such as sheep, goats, horses and camels, to clothes, fruit and vegetables. It is a fantastic place to be in if you are looking for varieties and especially bargains, as you can bargain for up to 60-70% off the labeled price! The bazaar opens early in the morning and lasts for a long day till early evening with fast-foods and drinks readily available.

2. Xinjiang Autonomous Museum

The Museum of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region boasts a collection of 32,000 pieces, among which 288 pieces are considered first class. The collection includes silk, feather, and cotton fabrics; and features many brocade, damask and thin silk, gauze, printed and dyed cloth. Also in the collection is famed needlework from the Han and Tang Dynasties China guide and some ancient haircloth such as blanket, felt, silk ribbon, some bamboo books and other books in different languages. There are also woodcarvings, clay figures, figure paintings in paper and thin silk, flower paintings, bronze ware, clothes and craftwork of different ethic groups as well as some fossils and ancient corpses.

The Museum has two basic displays: the Display of Xinjiang Historical Relics and the Display of Xinjiang Folklore. It has held a number of exhibitions at home and abroad, including the Primitive Society of China, Sinkiang Mummies, Xijiang from the Han to Tang Dynasties (206BC-907AD), Sinkiang Excavations, and Paintings Collected by the Museum, etc.

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