Guyan - An Inspiring and Artistic Painting Town

If you are tired of the noise and busyness of cities, you can enjoy the quietness and slowness in Guyan Painting Town China tour deals. There is no modern harassment, thus time seem to become slow in this town. As the famous Chinese poet described in his poem "mistake":

Your heart is like a small lonely town

Just like the street of blue stones at eventide

No chirping of crikets, the spring curtain of March is not lifted

Your heart is a small window closely shut

My clattering hoofbeats are a beautiful mistake

I am not arrival, but a passenger

You can enjoy the scene described in the above poem. But in fact, many old towns are full of visitors during China holidays or weekends. So if you are a photographer, you can hardly take photos of the original town because your photos are packed with visitors.

Guyuan, located in Dagangtou District, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, is a special ancient town full of artistic inspiration. Walking along the street, you can witness a line of painting studios on the both sides of street. When you enter a studio, you can slowly enjoy the paintings without the interruption of staffs to promote their paintings. The scenery around the town is also very charming, reed marshes, quiet lake and fishery boat, which makes time in the town goes slowly.

With history of 1500 years, Tongjiyan is one of great five ancient irrigation project last minute China travel deals and it still has irrigating effect till now. Tongjiyan has been being well maintained since its completion and has been used for over 600 years.

The best-preserved and earliest arched dam, the group of a-thousand-year-old camphors and the ancient buildings and natural beauty of Qujiang River become the best place for painting, artistic creation and photographing. The age of these camphors are over 800 to 1000 years averagely.

During Ming and Qing dynasties, over 20 persons made achievement in government and they began to build big residence in their hometown, Yu Ye Liu Fang, a ancient residence in Qing Dynasty, takes an area of about 880 square meters and are well preserved. Nan Shan Ying Xiu, built in early Qing Dynasty, is another famous one in the village. According to legend story, the owner of this house was very smart and could write poem at five, play chess and Guzheng (an ancient Chinese musical instrument).

So if you have a chance to visit Zhejiang China best tours, you can consider this town.

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