Tips for Disabled Travelers

China is becoming more convenient for disabled travelers. Specially-designed & equipped facilities in the public areas of transport, airport and hotel are now more accessible, especially after the Olympics. Don’t worry about getting around because you are disabled physically, with the necessary assistant tools, proper planning, reasonable arrangements and good preparation, traveling can still be a unique and rewarding experience China tour deals. Some useful tips to enjoy such a journey follow for your reference.

1. Get plenty of information and finalize your destinations. Choose a suitable destination, taking into account its natural environment, barrier-free facilities, and level of health care available.

2. Know your own abilities. Make a thorough physical examination and discuss the trip with your doctor. Take with you your doctor’s name and telephone number so he/her can be contacted in any emergency.

3. Inform your China tour guide of your disability, health conditions and requested special cares, so that they can make proper suggestions and arrangements for you.

4. Contact your airline, cruise and hotel in advance and disclose your requirements. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with airline, cruise and hotel emergency procedures, and that you can access to them.

5. Choose an appropriate itinerary and plan well ahead. Select the longer itinerary with plenty of time to enjoy & relax. Many cities offer not only well improved access, but also a discounted price for the disabled traveler at many scenic spots.

6. Before you leave, have maintenance check done on any equipment you will take with you, and make sure that everything is in good condition.

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