rseas Chinese Town roaming mind through food splurge holidays

Please annual leave, to China vacation deals Guangxi Beihai walk, relax relax from the Ferry Terminal to the basic 1 Station Road, Overseas Chinese Town, around, went over not too far away.

Overseas Vietnamese refugees before the town is said to be inhabited by fleeing to the North Sea, so the local retains a lot of Vietnamese snacks. Turned into sugar in the online survey street and asked the local residents basically unknown. Detailed investigation, online means The syrup street town actually refers to the Overseas Overseas Road. because of this road there is a lot of dessert and dessert shop named.

Snacks more famous in Vietnam should be preferred volume powder, powder volume after Vietnam's Zhongshan Road in Nanning a href="" title="best tours of China">best tours of China also tried once, but the taste of overseas Chinese town to do is simply bad days to do our taste in overseas Chinese town on the volume powder is a fungus and minced meat stuffing, Q and powder is also very smooth, far more delicious Zhongshan road. well as the more famous is the local fried snails, and a variety of shellfish locals referred to as spiral tube . took the post Shuizhu Shu stir and usually plus locals like to eat Suansun (do not know the actual name of this ingredient because tastes sour, called Suan, and this ingredient has shares are strong flavor, beginning we thought it was not very fresh snails, and then I could smell this Suansun caused, in fact, local seafood is very fresh, exhilarating.

Overseas Chinese Town in time to pick the food stalls, but also met a group of local students riding to foraging. Seen that the provision is a lot of local street food place, and that the local cuisine naturally can procure here slightly, but basically the whole street food stalls and Yedian feeling, but the personal feeling to experience local culture and cuisine under, if you have time, or you can go shopping in the local herbal tea and colleagues I have tried it, and I had too many differences in cognitive herbal tea too, simply to taste and Chinese medicine a taste, you can choose a variety of functions. uncomfortable throat just a few days, they picked a Huatanzhike, we should say the effect is still very good. estimated locals drink herbal tea popular China tour package, the requirements for efficacy greater than the requirements of taste ah. According to local people, overseas Chinese town there store bun worth a try, but unfortunately it did not place the stomach.

Overseas Chinese Town on the locals, the feeling is still very plain, not too many commercial move, and very warm.

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