Huanglongxi, Millennium Ancient Sichuan Flavor Town

Although the reputation of Huanglongxi Ancient Town is not so far and wide as Lijiang last minute China travel deals and Fenghuang, but it is also has unique style of the thousand years of ancient Sichuan. Huanglongxi Ancient Town is only 40 kilometers from Chengdu, some away from the hubbub and can be felt a lengthy time here. Clear Jinjiang water joins the beautiful Lu River here, so there is the reputation of Huanglongxi Millennium Water Terminal reputation. Went into the town, quartzite pavement, wooden beams green tiles pavilion, bridges, banyan, shops, rickshaw pullers, etc, constitutes a Sichuan folk style picture.

The reason why the Huanglongxi Ancient Town best tours of China is favor for visitors is that there is heavy heritage which settle down in 1700, no hustle and bustle of big cities, as well as Winding stone paths trails, the riverside the cornices Qiaojiao the wooden houses on stilts, the shops on the street teahouse, the temple shrouded of smoke, demonstrating a Sichuan township folk customs picture, giving a rustic but novel experience.

Huanglongxi, lively and also quiet, if you are tired, want to find a quiet place, just go in depth to ancient town alley! If bored, want to find a vibrant land then go to town that people weaving Commercial Street popular China tour package, looking for fun!

If you are tired, walk along the Huanglongxi. Walk through the ancient street, drink a cup of tea, daze in the ancient pier, can make you feel good.

People will never see hurry walking ones in Huanglongxi Ancient Town. In the sound of evening bell of the ancient town temple, I said goodbye to the leisurely ancient town.

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