Cenotaph for the Friendship Between China and USSR

The Cenotaph for the Friendship Between China and the USSR is located at the center of the square in front of the Lushun Museum in Lushun Port of Dalian City last minute China travel deals. The construction began on February 23, 1955, and was completed on February 14, 1957. Zhou Enlai wrote the epigraph of its foundation.

The cenotaph was built of white marbles, marbles and granites. It is 22.2 meters high. It has a square base with each side of 22 meters long, and the base is surrounded by white marble balustrades. There are side steps in the middle and on the four sides of the two platforms. The seat of the cenotaph is in the center of the second platform, and is square and decorated with bas-reliefs:The Blast Furnace of the Anshan Steel Factoryin the east,the Farm of Friendship Between China and the USSRin the west,Tian'anmen and the Kremlin Palacein the south, andthe Victory Tower of Lushun Portin best tours of China the north. On the seat stands the tower body of 12 meters tall. The section of the tower is dodecagonal. The statues of the characters that symbolize the friendship between China and the USSR surround the bottom of the tower. The top of the tower is carved with lotus petals, where the friendship badge is embedded.

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