Magnificent scenery of Puzhehei, Yunnan

Known as Yunnan's Guilin China tour deals, Puzhehei is a charming place with not only spectacular mountain scenery but also beautiful karst, lakes and unique cultures of ethnic minorities.Puzhehei is a place gathering several ethnic groups like Zhuang, Miao, Yi and Bai people.

Located in the southeast of Yunnan Province,11 km from Qiubei County, Puzhehei tourist region cover an area of 85 square kilometers,around with isolated peaks and lakes.It is a national scenic spots approvalled by the National Tourism Administration in 2009.

There are over 300 green isolated peaks scattered within the scenic area China best tours , more than ten thousand acres wild lotus, endless peach orchard and and the world's largest karst wetlands.It is considered as the rare thing in the world, China's unique karst landscape pastoral scenery.

54 lakes in Puzhehei have formed a 21 kilometres long water tourism line,tourists can enjoy more than 300 green isolated peaks,5,000 acres of lotus lake,83 caves along this line.You can also not miss the Dragon Festival of Zhuang nationality,the Torch Festival of Yi people,Caihuashan of Miao nationality.

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