Xinjiang Photography Expedition Trip

The sandy regions, snow covered mountains and colorful Uighur costumes of China’s wild west, make Xinjiang China tour deals a paradise for photography. WildChina and leading British photographer, Sean Gallagher, have worked together to design a unique and unprecedented photography boot camp along the ancient Silk Road. Intended for people who are passionate about photography and travel and looking to hone their skills in one of China’s most diverse and fascinating regions, this trip will cover shooting techniques including landscape, portrait, and time-lapse photography. Sean will lead us through the old town of Kashgar and century old bazaars where you’ll see the area’s unique Uighur culture and geographical diversity using your photographer’s eye.

Located in China’s northwest, Xinjiang Silk Road tour is a majestic land of ancient mosques and deserts that stretch into the horizon. Our journey begins in Kashgar and ventures further out toward the Pakistani border. We will take trips to Karakul Lake, the Taklamakan desert, and the incredible flaming mountains of China’s classic novel, “Journey to the West.” Where yaks graze on the grassy plains and camel traders negotiate deals at the local market, Xinjiang feels preserved in time and has more in common with central Asian countries than central China. We have the chance to bring a part of Xinjiang back with us as we explore the geography and cultural heritage of the Uighur people, through the lens.

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