A bite of Kunshan

Kunshan, situated in the east of Suzhou, is famous for its delicate food. Below is a list of Kunshan’s delicious food.

Aozao noodle

A bite of Kunshan

The most well-known Aozao noodles are abalone noodles sauced with chili oil and braised duck noodles covered with white soup.

Wansan pork shank

A bite of Kunshan

Zhouzhuang’s Wansan pork shank is a dish served to honored guests. It has been passed down for hundreds of years. It tastes soft, but it is not greasy. It is also aromatic.

The water town of Kunshan last minute China travel deals in the Yangtze River Delta region has abundant fresh lake ingredients, such as fish, river shrimp, water-shield and lotus roots. Through delicate preparation, these ingredients are transformed into delicious dishes with a water town flavor.

Sanweiyuan meatballs

Sanweiyuan meatballs are made with gluten and filled with chicken, shrimp meat and pork leg meat. The meatballs are boiled in chicken soup. Since the meatballs taste like a combination of small steamed buns, wontons and steamed dumplings filled with minced meat and gravy, they were named Sanweiyuan (which literally means “meatball with three flavors”).

Ancient towns with delicacies


A bite of Kunshan

Shenting Restaurant best tours of China, Laozhaotou Restaurant, Baojinzhai snack store, Fu’an bridge sesame seed cake store are distinguished restaurants and shops in Zhouzhuang. Shenting Restaurant is famous for its Wansan family feast. Laozhaotou Restaurant is famous for its green dumplings and breakfast. Baojinzhai offers snacks, and Fu’an bridge sesame seed cake store features crispy sesame seed cakes.


Jinxi’s special snacks include shortcakes and green dumplings. Some of the snacks are made on the spot and sold fresh.


Qiandeng ancient town popular China travel package is also known for green dumplings, sole-shaped shortcakes and smoked green beans.

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