Travel Experience - Rocky Wonders,Shaoxing

Shaoxing last minute China travel deals has sightseeing wonders of rocks. The Hou Peak presents a natural view of a solitary cliff, strange-looking rocks, caves, and a deep pond. In the spring, visitors hike to enjoy peach blossoms and wonderful rocky formations. The Sheep Peak integrates the peak, rocks, streams and the temple. The Buddhist sits in a place surrounded by water, the rocks are immersed in the water and the water is inside the Mountain. The City God Peak and Golden Eagle Peak have inscriptions of various dynasties on rocks done. These stone inscriptions are the best in Zhejiang Province best tours of China.

Keyan is the centerpiece of the Keyan Scenic Zone, a provincial level tourist attraction. Keyan has now become a landscape garden featuring the rocky wonder together with the ancient Yue culture. The park combines the features of nature, religion and landscaping art. Inside the park are sections such as Buddha statues, the Mirror Water Bay, Historical Personages of the ancient Yue, and the Yuanshan Garden popular China travel package.

The rocky wonders in Shaoxing are all artificially made as a result of quarrying over hundreds of years. What’s left by stone cutters are steep cliffs and solitary rock pillars. Many leftover rocks have Buddhas carved. The most famed of these quarry sites are the East Lake, Keyan, the Hou Peak and the Sheep Peak. They present a great variety of shapes.

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