Travel Diary - Wenchang Pavilion in Yangzhou

Wenchang Pavilion, located in the east of Guiyang China tour deals, was first built in the 24th year in the reign of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1596), covering 1,200 square meters. It is ranked as one of the key provincial class historic relics.

Wenchang Pavilion, 20 meters high, with its gate facing the west. It indicates a notable construction style in the Ming Dynasty with windows and doors decorated by delicate carvings, colorful drawings, eaves raised gently and everything in a grey tone.

Wenchang Pavilion has a unique design and wonderful structure which is the only example of this style existing in China. It consists of a three-storied and a pointed-up tower China best tours with three eaves and nine angles, 4 arrises for the ground storey, 9 arrises for the first and second storey, 9 angles on the roof. The 4 points of the eaves come from the equal division of the circumference into 4 quarters, the 9 points of the first and second storey, which are of similar form, come from the equal division of the front arc into 3 parts and of the other 3 arcs into 2 parts respectively.

The building of the pavilion deals with the number nine which suggests the supreme power in China: 9 ridges and 9 points of the eaves of the first and the second storey respectively, 54 pillars, 81 beams , all are multiples of 9.

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