Enjoy the beautiful view in Xixi National Wetland Park

The lung of Hangzhou, Xixi National Wetland Park last minute China travel deals is located on Tianmushan Road in Liuxia Town of Hangzhou, 5 kilometers from the West Lake and 8 kilometers from Hangzhou’s city center. The gorgeous and peaceful park covers an area of 10.08 square kilometers, of which 70% is covered by water and 3.46 square kilometers are open to the public. There are also 6 rivers crossing one another, among which a number of fish ponds are scattered, creating delightfully unique landscapes in the wetlands.

The picturesque Xixi National Wetland Park is rich in ecological resources and deep in cultural connotations, infusing urban wetlands with agricultural wetlands perfectly as one. There have been established 3 ecological conservation areas in order to protect the fragile ecosystem, namely Feijiatang Ecological Conservation Area, Lobster-Dragon Bay Ecological Conservation Area, and Zhaotianmuyang Ecological Conservation Area. The park is famous for its 13 mesmerizing scenic spots including Zhoujia Village, Yanshui Fishing Village, Bo’an Thatched Cottage, Xixi Water Pavilions, Plum & Bamboo Manor, Deep- Pond Bay, Xixi Plum Villa, Xixi Thatched Cottage, Autumn Snow Nunnery, Xixi Silkworm & Silk Story, Xixi Families, and Wetland Vegetation Appreciation Area.

1. Lobster-Dragon Bay Ecological Conservation Area

The largest of the three conservation areas in the park, the Lobster-Dragon Bay Ecological Conservation Area best tours of China hosts numerous aquatic vegetations and animals. It is also a paradise for birds, and many bird-watching pavilions are set up for visitors that allow for the spectacle of thousands of birds flying around and around.

2. Wetland Vegetation Appreciation Area

The Wetland Vegetation Appreciation Area is located between Yanshui Fishing Village and Deep-Pond Port . Here live different kinds of aquatic vegetations, such as flag-leaves, water oats, duckweeds, and wild celeries.

3. Zhoujia Village

Crossing Xixi Bridge, visitors walk into Zhoujia Village which functions as the entrance to the park and the Huanglong Passenger Concentrating and Distributing Center. A number of teahouses are available in Zhoujia for visitors to have a relaxing rest on their vacation. Also at the entrance of the park stands the Wetland Popular Science Exhibit Hall.

4. Yanshui Fishing Village

Fishing activities and traditions are displayed in the Yanshui Fishing Village, and it is also an ideal place for visitors to unwind. Various restaurants and eateries in the village offer authentic and tasty seafood dishes that showcase the town’s main work.

5. Autumn Snow Nunnery

The nunnery was built in the Song Dynasty and renovated in the later Ming Dynasty by the Shen brothers. To this day, many local nuns live here.

6. Xixi Silkworm & Silk Story Scenic Spot

The Xixi Silkworm & Silk Story Scenic Spot Silk Road tour vividly teach the 12 ancient silk-producing processes including picking mulberry leaves, rearing the silkworms, cooking cocoons, and reeling off raw silk from cocoons. All of these steps recreate the heavy labor of ancient women living in Xixi.

7. Deep-Pond Bay

The annual dragon boat competition held during the immensely iconic Dragon-Boat Festival throughout China is hosted locally in Deep-Pond Bay every year. During this time, the park bustles with life and energy. Otherwise, there are even some dragon boats are available for visitors to row freely in the bay.

8. Xixi Water Pavilions

The Xixi Water Pavilions have functioned as the meeting point for litterateurs since ancient times. It is composed of 2 buildings in total, with the Book-Preserving Pavilion in the east and the Blue Stream Study in the west.

Address: Tianmushan Road, Liuxia Town, Hangzhou
Opening hours: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm every day
Bus routes: direct sightseeing bus No. 5 from the Huanglong Passenger Concentrating and Distributing Center to the scenic spot; or bus No. U13, 310, Y13, Y15, 526, and 13 from the city center

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