Yunnan Travel Guide: Nujiang Prefecture Natural Scenery

Nujiang Grand Canyon

Located at the upper reaches of the Nujiang River Yangtze River tour, west Yunnan, the canyon has a total length of 316 kilometers starting at the juncture of Yunnan and Tibet, and a depth of 2,000 to 3,000 meters. Along it are dangerous shoals, steep cliffs and towering snow-capped mountains. It is one of the famous canyons in the world.

Suspension Cable Across the Nujiang River

In the past people on both sides of the Nujiang River crossed the river by suspension cables, which were made of several pieces of entwined rattan and were tied up on the stakes or big trees on both banks. When people wanted to cross the river, they had to put the pulley made of hard wood on the cable and tightened the rope of the pulley between the waist and buttock and then slid to the other side of the river.


Located on the north of Gongshan county town at the juncture of Yunnan and Tibet last minute China travel deals, it has the majestic “first bend of the Nujiang River” and is inhabited by more than 5,000 people of Nu, Tibetan, Lisu, Naxi, Bai and Derung ethnic groups. They believe in different religions, such Catholic, Christianity, Lamaism and primitive religion. Bingzhongluo is the best place for people to learn multi-culture of various ethnic groups.

The First Bend of the Nujiang River

The mighty water of the Nujiang River, with a total length of 1,540 kilometers, originates from Nagqu of Tibet. When it passes the area of Ridan Village of Bingzhongluo Township, Gongshan Derung and Nu Autonomous Prefecture, it is blocked by towering sheer precipices so it changes its direction, flowing from the east to the west. It is again obstructed by steep Danla Mountain after flowing 300 meters so it has to take a sudden turn flowing from the west to the east, forming a huge semicircle bend. Local people of Lisu Ethnic Group best tours of China call it “fire clamp” at first and then it is generally called the “First Bend of the Nujiang River”. The river here of a great momentum has an elevation of 1,700 meters and the scenery is majestic and charming

Stone Moon

There is a large marble hole formed by erosion on the top of 3,300-meter peak, the middle sector of Gaoligong Mountain. Walking northward about 50 kilometers along the Nujiang River you can see the hole, with a depth of 100 meters, width of 40 meters and height of 60 meters. When white clouds and blue sky passing through, it looks like a bright moon, hence the name of Stone Moon. This unique geologic formation and splendid natural scenery is formed because of the Nujiang Canyon located at the juncture of Eurasian plate and Indian plate, the strong geologic tension and rapid ascending of earth’s crust.

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