Wonderful Travel Experience to Beidaihe

Beidaihe is a district of Qinhuangdao city of Hebei province last minute China travel deals and it is in the west of Qinhuangdao city. It is famous for its beautiful scenery, wonderful beach and high-quality climate. In summer, it will not be too hot while in winter it will not be too cold. So, it is a summer resort since Qing Dynasty. Recently, more and more people have a vacation there in summer.

1. Pigeon Nest

In Beidaihe, there is a park called Pigeon Nest which faces to Bohai. In addition, it is the symbol of Beidaihe. There is also a beautiful beach. You can walk on the beach or collect shells with the breeze blowing your face. That is wonderful! On the beach, there is a cliff which is formed by the ground fault. It is the best palace for seeing the sunrise. So, in the morning, people crowed there prepare to see the sunrise. As the old things goes, a lot of pigeon gathered in the cliff and lived there, so called it Pigeon Nest best tours of China. Once upon of time, our chairman Mao wrote a poet when he enjoyed the beautiful scenery from the cliff.

Last year, I went to there for a trip with my classmate. We spent a whole day playing in the park. In the Moring, we got there early in order to see the sunrise. You can see the sun rose out of the sea little by little. And then, it rise out quickly in the air. That is a wonderful feeling! After that, we came to the beach. This is the best palace we want to get because we can play game, collect shells and play water with friend. By the way, you can catch the mussel in the sea. I had remembered that I have caught some mussels. Though our clothes are all wet, we had a good time on the beach. Final, I took them home and distributed them to my sisters. In the afternoon, we had a picnic in the park. Though we took a lot of food, it was not enough for we were all very tired and angry after playing. So, I suggest you take enough food and water.

2. Laolongtou

Laolongtou is located on coastal high ground which is 5 km south of Shanhaiguan and itself forms a peninsula stretching into the Bohai. Great Wall popular China tours into sea from here and it is the end of the Great Wall. Once you reached the Laolongtou, facing the rough wave and big sea without seeing the other side, you can enjoy this unique majestic Great Wall at sea.

This was the second station of our trip. In the second day, we arrived at the Laolongtou. Fist of all, we visited the old buildings along the Great Wall which is similar to the one in Beijing. And then, we climbed the Great Wall and enjoyed the big sea and breeze over sea. And we felt the magnificence of the sea. I think that is the best thing you should experience in Laolongtou. There also is a beach which is larger than the one we have been to the former day. You can take assault boat surfing on the sea.

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