one of the China Danxia Landforms in Zhejiang Province

Evaluation of History and Culture

With the temples traceable to Tang Dynasty, Mount Jianglang last minute China travel deals was firstly exploited in Jin Dynasty, emperors of all dynasties ever conferred inscriptions, tablets and titles upon this place. Famous for delicate and majestic appearance and the wonderful scene in wind and snow, this mount attracted numerous celebrities, including the notable prime ministers Yao Chong and Zhang Jiuling who ever wrote poetries to praise the mount; and the great poet Bai Juyi wrote a poem to express his feeling about the mount that “I wish to have wings to fly in the mist and clouds forever”. Zhu Dongshan, a learned and lofty scholar from Jiangshan lived in the mount for a long time and established a school there to teach students.

Mount Jianglang was authorized as a National Key Scenic and Historic Interest Spot in 2002. The people’s government of Jiangshan City established “Interim Management Procedures on Scenic and Historic Interest Areas of Jiangshan City” in April, 2006 and implemented it. In addition, relevant department started to draft protection ordinance for Mount Jianglang landscape of Zhejiang province best tours of China in March, 2007 to meet the demand of heritage conservation and application conditions of World Natural Heritage, which made protection procedures for Mount Jianglang more legalized and standardized.

Landscape and Natural Beauty

Jianglangshan scenic spot is famous for its grand stones with the shape of “爿”, so our local people called “the Sanpan Stone” directly. “The Sanpan Stone” stand forcefully on the middle of the mountain, which can be seen even out of several kilometers. The three stones line to the southeast with the shape of “川”,which comprising of Peak Lang (an altitude of 824m, a relatively height of 369.1m popular China tours), Peak Ya (an altitude of 737.4m, a relatively height of 287.4m) and Peak Ling (An altitude of 765m, a relatively height of 298m). The isolated peak is the highest among different peaks, which at the same time seems to reach the sky and cloud, features different views at different places and grand views, known as “The Most Unique Peak Danxia”

The latest city from Jianglangshan is called Jiangshan city. there is about 450 km away from Shanghai city. No direct train from Shanghai or Hangzhou, but you can find the closest train to Jiangshan city, then you need one hour’s drive to the Jianglangshan. there are several overnight trains from Shanghai and Hangzhou.

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