Travel Guide - Shopping in Beijing

If you wish to purchase knock-off brands then either the Silk Silk Road tour, Pearl, or Yaxiu Market are the places to visit. Items here are relatively cheap, but haggling is a must. The silk market is one of the most popular markets for tourists in Beijing with every floor differing in what it offers. Due to this market being a popular tourist destination, the majority of the salespeople will speak a reasonable amount of English. This market also has vendors that will make custom-made suits or dresses for travelers, but as always, be careful to not get tricked into overpaying for these items. The Pearl Market, similar to the Silk Market, has floors that differ in what they offer. Near the temple of Heaven, the Pearl Market is also a popular tourist attraction and sells an assortment of inexpensive Chinese relics. It is also essential that you bargain here and it is advisable to cut the sellers price in half initially and then work from there. Lastly, Yaxiu Market is located in Sanlitun and like the aforementioned markets, the floors are categorized according to the type of products offered. The main way in which this market is different than the others is that is offers a number of small beauty salons that are squeezed in along one of the walls. In these salons, you can get your eyebrows trimmed, nails painted, and feet massaged at a reasonable price. As with the other markets, you must be prepared to bargain. These markets are fabulous places to buy yourself or loved ones inexpensive souvenirs.

If you find that you would prefer to not haggle for prices and would rather go to a calmer atmosphere, then Wangfujing last minute China travel deals is the place for you. This area is home to three large markets: Sun Dong An Plaza, Beijing Department Store and The Malls at Oriental Plaza. Here, they mainly sell designer clothes, but you can also find an assortment of makeup, jewelry, wines and spirits, as well as tea shops. Although the prices are higher than normal, this is not a place to make a bargain, but also keep in mind the items sold here are of a better quality. However, there is a side street next to Wangfujing, which is the snack street that comes alive after six in the evening. Here, you can haggle for prices because prices will immediately be shot up for foreign people. There is a plethora of foods to try here ranging from scorpions to fried dumplings.

There are many places to shop in Beijing for it is a vast city best tours of China. Depending on what you wish to purchase, there are many places you can go. For those who are wary of haggling, then a shopping mall or an area like Wangfujing may come as a breath of fresh air.

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