Summer Palace: Let’s enjoy the leisure walking in sunset

This winter, during Jan. 3 to 11, TopChinaTravel traveled to north China: Xian-Datong-Beijing. During the travel to China, I have the chance to see many quite famous attractions that I haven’t been in my whole life. In this blog, I want to tell you how beauty the Summer Palace under the sunshine after noon in winter.

It was snow half month ago in Beijing, but the snow is not melt so soon in the cold winter in Beijing, so we were very lucky to see the snow scene in sunshine in Beijing, even our guide thought we are lucky team to enjoy the best weather in Beijing during the hard winter.

Summer Palace is the temporary imperial palace last minute China travel deals and garden of the emperor of Qing Dynasty. It used to be Qing Yi Yuan. There are tree famous hills and 5 gardens in the Palace. Original built in 1750, and finished in 1764, it covers an area of 290 square km.

The front door of Summer Palace is very beautiful with ancient architecture style.

The big lake in the palace is Kunming Lake, it occupies three fourth of the whole area of the Palace, which is about 22,000 square km. The lake has been frozen for half a month. The surface of the lake is still so frozen that people could walk and jumping on the lake. Our guide said that at the last day of 2012, there was a stage on the lake best tours of China just above the big ice.

Our guide Simon told us the long gallery of the palace is one of the highlights. It starts from Yaoyue Gate, extending to Shi Zhan Pavilion. The gallery is 728m long, which is the longest gallery of all the gardens in China. Each beam of the gallery was painted with sceneries, birds, people, etc.

So wonderful afternoon in Summer Palace popular China tour package, was not it? Actually it was my first time to the summer place. Walking leisurely in the Summer Palace, I finally understand how deluxe the life of Emperors and loyal families.
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