Visit Zhangjiajie to see the winter scene

Zhangjiajie Scenic Area China tour deals , located in Hunan Province China, is famous for its peaks. And one of the sentence to summary Zhangjiajie scenery as “The hundreds of amazing peaks, the miles of stunning rivers, the original layout of China’s landscapes, the unique version of world’s scenery/”

Cool enough in summer and warm enough in winter, the average temperature of Zhangjiajie is around 18℃. The highest temperature in summer days is about 32℃, and the lowest temperature in winter days is around 0℃. This weather ensures the different but beautiful scenery here.

My recommendation for you to see in Zhangjiajie is the snow scenery which only can be appreciated in winter. Because the scenic area is surrounded by higher mountains so that the temperature inside is comparatively warmer with most sunny days in winter.

While to take the Zhangjiajie China best tours snow scenery also depends on your luck. If you are lucky enough to visit there after a snow day, you will catch an extraordinary picture of Zhangjiajie. But also if you visit there is a serious snowy day, the area may be close in order to ensure the safety issue.

Because of the snow, many sites inside are closed. We only can reach to the Ten Miles of Gallery site. Aiming to catch the extraordinary scenes, we decide to climb the mountain by foot.

The white Zhangjiajie is not as cold as the weather. She would like to present her charms even in this cold day. Walking from the Ten Miles of Gallery, the scenery becomes more and more beautiful.

Fog glazes are not only can be seem in Jilin, you can also have a glance of that in Zhangjiajie popular China travel package. When climbing on the peak of Tianzi Mountain and have a bird’s view of the peaks. Each of them has been covered by thick snow, snow is still flying down in the sky, more like a fairy land than a real world.

The sites in Zhangjiajie can be divided into three kinds: one is the peaks or mountains that looked like figures, the second one is the scenes used in most TV series, the last one is suitable for tourists to take photos. For me, the first kind is not in my taste. The shape of the peaks may be more or less looked like some figures while not very similar.

Tips: If you like to discover more charms in China, Zhangjiajie is one of the top choices. But it is better to ensure the safety when visiting this area, especially in winter days. Better to follow the staff there or your guide because it is hard to find lost people in winter days there.

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