Ancient Town along the China Yangtze River

Lizhuang Ancient Town, known as the first town along the China Yangtze River Yangtze River tour, is located in Yibin City of Sichuan. Lizhuang town is famous for its high-valued architectures which carry hundreds of years’ civilization of the Yangtze River.

There is a sentence to describe Lizhuang Ancient Town as following: In the eastern China, There is a Zhouzhuang water town. In the western China, there is a Lizhuang ancient town.

How to Get to Lizhuang Ancient Town – for self-driving tour
When arriving in Yibin City in Sichuan last minute China travel deals, driving on the Binjiang Road which is along the Jinsha River. Till seeing the junction of three rivers, the Jinsha river meets with Minjiang River and then combining as the Yangtze River, go on the road towards Shunan Bamboo Sea Scenic Area Changning – Yibin Road. The good road situation with four lanes and clear direction signs, following the Shunan Bamboo Sea Scenic Sign and then you will see the Lizhuang Ancient Town sign, driving according to its direction.

As the famous historical ancient town in China, there are 18 Ming and Qing dynastyies style streets which have been kept very well in Lizhuang Ancient Town. All of these streets are built by stones.

One of the famous streets in Lizhuang is called Yang Street, meaning goat street, because it was the goat and battle trading market in the ancient time.

Walking along the Yang Street, then Zhang’s Family ancestral temple is presented in from of us. This temple was once the house of Zhang’s family, the local rich family. Built in Qing Dynasty Daoguang period, it is turned into the cultural museum aiming to display the articles and masterpieces in the China warring period in last century.

And one of the four unique Lizhuang Ancient Town best tours of China treasures “Carving Windows of White Crane” can be found in Zhang’s family temple. All of the 24 windows in this temple were carved white cranes patterns as a prosperous symbol of the Zhang Family at that time.

Continue to waling around the ancient town, the entrance of the Jade Buddha Temple can be seen from a long distance. This temple is named because of the jade Buddha states which have been kept in this temple for a long time.

When seeing Lizhuang Ancient Town from the high place, houses in Lizhuang are all built by gray roofs and deep blue walls. These houses are also called courtyards. The small one with an area of 150 – 200 square meters, while big ones may be in hundreds of square meters

You may lose interest on this town from the name of it. But this ancient town is a place worth to visiting with its unique 1450 years history.

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