My Golden Trip to Haiyang County, Guilin

November in Haiyang County, Guilin last minute China travel deals is a golden season colored by the ginkgo leaves. It is hard to describe the various gold colors as an oil painting drew by the nature.

We just started in the morning on 27th November. It was a cloudy day with drizzle rain. Along the road, there were lots of people choosing cycling as the method to Haiyang best tours of China. Those photographers also came to this fantastic place to take snaps with their passion and inspiration. Another interesting thing was the weekend market. People could purchase various fresh vegetables and local fruits and specialties at a cheaper price.

When we arrived in the ginkgo town in Haiyang, we just could not help to shouting cheerfully for this picturesque scene. The straight main branches decorated with those golden leaves made our moods become bright and joyful. The leaves on the ground just looked like a golden carpet stretched to everywhere. The ancient houses in this town stood quietly as the textbook to tell the aged stories to people. And the locals shouted for their home-made goods added many interests for visitors popular China travel package.

There was one thing making us feel bother when we took photos. The popularity of Haiyang County made this place welcome a large amount of people during this golden season. So it was hard to take a photo only included what you want in any time. Here are some photos of this trip in ginkgo town.

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