Travel Experience to Mt Siguniangshan

The Mt Siguniangshan affordable China tours is a national grade natural reserve well-known throughout China. The scenic zone is not far from Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province. If you go northwest from the provincial capital, pass Dujiangyan, and Wolong Panda Protection Zone and cross the verdant Balang Mountain, you will get to the scenic zone.

The scenic zone covers an area of 450 square kilometers and consists of the Siguniang Mountains, Shuangqiao Gully, Long Flats Gully and Lake Gully near them. The Siguniang Mountain has four peaks which stand side by side like four girls at the end of the Qionglai Mountain Ranges on the Aba Plateau. They rise 5355,5454, 5664 and 6250 meters above sea level. Enjoying the equal fame as 7556m-high Mount Gongga not far away which is know as “king of Sichuan’s mountains”, the Siguniang Mountains is honored as “queen of Sichuan’s mountains”..

The Siguniang Mountains are extremely beautiful. Their tops are covered with snow; their feet are zigzagged with murmuring streams all the year round. In spring and summer, birds sing and flowers give forth fragrance, snow water gurgles in deep valleys and golden pheasants dance in quiet forests. In deep autumn, red leaves dye the mountains red, silvery waterfalls hang on steep cliffs, wisps of smoke spiral from village top China tours chimneys and songs of herdsmen are heard. The scenes are so attractive that the mountains is compared to “the Alps in the East”.

The 30-kilometer-long Shuangqiao Gully is as alluring as a painted corridor. The gully is flat and broad. Brooks flow through it. Virgin forest clothes the ridges and dozens of peak China tour guide such as the Five-Colour Mountain and the Hunter Peak are in different shapes and tower into the sky.

The Long Flats Gully is carpeted with age-old pines and cypresses. Waterfalls and springs babble and gurgle. An ancient horse trail zigzags through the forests.

The Lake Gully is dotted with lades. Of them, the biggest and the most beautiful are the Five-flower Lake and the Great Lake. The baby Lake is so clear that the local residents like to wash their newly-born babies in it. The lakes are surrounded by towering mountain peaks. It is quite strange that the scenes of four seasons can be found on the same mountains and waterfalls come from nowhere and disappear into nowhere.

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