Travel Experience to Hibiscus Valley

Hibiscus Valley also named "Spring Valley", lies in the north gate cableway of Mt.Huangshan affordable China tours, 10 kilometers away from the downtown. The valley connects the North Sea, West Sea area of Huangshan and Huangbi Pond, with a total length of 10 kilometers.

Peaks rolling over one another, luxuriant forests, oddly-shaped rocks, fresh flower fragrance, it is like spring all year around here. Especially over 100 lakes as green as jade, reflecting the blue sky, white cloud, green trees and red flowers, it presents a magic world in the sunshine. Cotten Rose valley derives its name for it runs through the foot of Cotton Rose Peak top 10 China tours. It is also known as Valley of Youth, because Huang Emperor Xuanyuan Succeeded to regain the youth and immortalize himself here.

There is a virgin, rough and brave Wildman tribe, who are good at singing and dancing, living in the virgin forest. They eat raw meat, drink horde blood, and dare to walk on swords and through fire. Hunting and living on trees show their primitive and simple life style. We can experience exciting entertainment programs, such as patent protector in high sky and CS field operations.

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