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If you are in Hong Kong Hong Kong tour packages and looking for a place to spend time with the kids and family, you don't have to look any further, Ocean Park in Hong Kong is just the answer to your wishes. The Ocean Park in Hong Kong is a place that combines fun with education. It not only serves as a pacifier for your kids, but also promises to keep them engaged; and as far as the rest of the family is concerned, they are sure to be well entertained too.

The Ocean Park of Hong Kong is a theme park located in the Hong Kong Island of the Hong Kong territory in the southern end. The entire park covers an area of about 870,000 Sq Meters and falls in a mountainous region. The Ocean Park in Hong Kong opened its doors to the public in the year 1977, on the 10 th of January.

The larger part of the Ocean Park of Hong Kong sprawls over the Nanlang Mountain affordable China tours, while the rest is spread across the Huang Zhu Keng Valley. Being one of the largest ocean parks in the world, the Ocean Park in Hong Kong has two entrances linked to each other by a cable car. The two entrances are the main Entrance and the Tai Shue Wan Entrance. This oceanarium also boasts of housing the largest a€?marine theatre' in the world.

The Ocean Park in Hong Kong, however, is not just about marine life exhibits. There are also plenty of amusements and attractions in the form of a Giant Panda Exhibit, a Butterfly House, a Bird House, a Flamingo Pond, amusement rides like the adrenalin rushing a€?Abyss Turbo Dropa€? and many more non-fishy things. The other rides in the park are Dragon Roller Coaster, Mine Train, Flying Swing and The Eagle. The marine attractions include the Goldfish Pagoda, the Shark Aquarium, the Ocean Theatre, the Pacific Pier, the Sea Jelly Spectacular, the Atoll Reef, a three-storey aquarium and a lot more.

The marine and animal life of Ocean Park top 10 China tour packages In Hong Kong - comprises of Pandas, rare and exotic birds, sea lions, penguins and killer whales a€“ in regulated environments coinciding with their natural habitats. The other incentives that you can avail of at the Ocean Park in Hong Kong aside of the diverse marine exhibition, is a spectacular bird's eye view of the South China Sea, the Repulse Bay, Aberdeen and Deep Water Bay. The other incentive comes in the form of the cable car, which serves not just as a useful means of conveyance within the park, but also as a a€?joy-ride' of sorts. In short, the Ocean Park in Hong Kong is an ideal family getaway that is small enough to cover in the course of a day and large enough to keep you excit

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