Next Destination in Yunnan: Gaoligong Mountain Range

There are hiking trails all over the mountain range. My favorite activity is traversing the mountain along the ancient Southern Silk Road China travel deals. The hike begins near a small ranger station called Baihualing, 2 hours north of Baoshan airport. When we arrived, we enjoyed a delicious local lunch with fantastic fresh produce–wild mushrooms, fresh berries and other treasures from the mountain. After finishing this relaxing meal, we headed off on a short 5k hike through the rare tropical forest. The highlight of this hike is the stop at a remote wild hot spring for a dip in the water. For ornithologists out there, Baihualing is usually a terrific spot.

The next morning, we eat breakfast and then head off. The trail is both winding and timeless with much the feel of a Japanese garden. Everywhere there are Big rocks, ferns, rhododendrons, bamboo, and even bird’s nests. I feel this is one of the most beautiful trails to hike in China.

When we reach the highest pass – Nan Zhaigongfang- around 1pm I rangers prepared a simple meal of rice and vegetable soup. After some hot tea and coffee, the Tengchong side is downhill all the way Shopping in China. On the western side of the mountain, there are historical sites of bunkers and trenches from WWII to visit.

At the trailhead, operations department arranged for a prompt pickup and we spent the night relaxing in a nice hotel in Tengchong.The whole hike is 8-10 hours for a fit hiker. A long day, but absolutely lovely.

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