What to see in Hongcun Ancient Village?

Exquisite Three Carvings – Wood Carving, Stone Carving, Tile Caving

Wood carvings in Hongcun are carved out of good materials that are apt to be carved and have clear textures, e.g. pine, China fir and maidenhair tree; rosewood and nanmu are usually used to carve to be the decoration of top-grade furniture.

Stone carvings in Hongcun last minute China travel deals have been generally used in architectural decoration since Ming Dynasty. Most of them are used to decorate doors, windows, pillars, dolmens, bridge railings and steles. Among all of stone carvings in Hongcun, the Memorial Archway of Governor Hu Wenguang, the tracery at the West Garden and the stone-carving decoration inside the Chengz

Lexu Hall
It's also called the Zhongjia Hall. It's the ancestral temples of Wang family. It lies in the center of the north bank of the Moon Pond. The Lexu Hall and the Moon Pond were all built in the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty. It has always been the place where Wang family offer sacrifice to their ancestors, celebrate and meet. The Lexu Hall is composed of three parts- gate tower, hall and ancestral temples. There used to be a tower at the back of the main hall. The brick carvings on the gate, wall and torii are very exquisite.

The Southern Lake
The Southern Lake is located in the due south of Hongcun. It was built in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty (AD.1607).It's a man-made lake, covering an area of 20,000 hectares. The whole surface of the lake assumes the shape of a huge bow. The bank of the lake located in the back of the bow can be divided into two layers. The upper is about several Zhangs (unit of length) wide, which is floored with slates and cobblestones. The lower is planted with poplar and willows. The Southern Lake Academy, the Yuwei Study of the Qing Dynasty and long lines of folk houses are located in the bowstring part.

Moon Lake
The Moon Lake has a history of 500-600 years. Originally, it's an active fountain. Spring Student tours to China issues forth continuously all year around. Until now, people still can see ducks play in the pond, breeze sweeps and wisps of smoke curl in the air.

Chengzhi Hall
It's the provincial level key unit for cultural relics protection, located in the middle section of the canal. It was built in the 5th year of the Xianfeng period of the Qing dynasty. It's the house of Wandinggui, who was a great salt businessman in the later Qing dynasty of China. The Chengzhi Hall is vast and majestic. The structure design is perfect. It's well built and equipped. There are 7 floors, 9 dooryards, more than 60 rooms and 132 wooden pillars. The hall is mainly built with brick and wood, decorated with three kinds of exquisitely engraved things (stone, brick and wood). It's the classical work of old folk house of South Anhui.

Lexian Hall
It's provincial level unit for cultural relics protection, located in the main street of Hongcun. It was built in the 38th year of the Kangxi period of the Qing dynasty (AD.1699).It covers an area of 411 square meters and structural area is 958 square meters. It's one of three halls which were built by descendants of Wang family in Hongcun in the beginning of Qing dynasty (the rest two halls are the Sanli Hall and the Baoyi Hall).

Deyi Hall
It was built in the 20th year of the Jiaqing period of the Qing dynasty. It only covers an area of 220 square meters and structural area is 144 square meters. In this small space, it was built with the arrangement of garden-like structure, such as small pot gardening and big fruit tree. All these can be thought as a wonder.

The Biyuan waterside pavilion is near the canals of Hongcun China Photo Tour. It was built in the end of the Ming dynasty, but then destroyed. It was rebuilt in the 15th year of the Daoguang period of the Qing dynasty (AD1825). It covers an area of 278 square meters and structural area is 256 square meters. It's one representative of structure with waterside pavilion of the Qing dynasty in Hongcun.

Qishu Lake
It's located in the southeast of Hongcun. Walk upwards along the earth road at the east entrance of Hongcun. People will see green water is wandering on the right, and plants exhibit all kinds of colors. After walk for about half an hour, the surface of water becomes wide suddenly. This is the Qishu Lake. Now, it's a part of the East Red Reservoir.

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