The tale of the Zhang Fei Temple

Large scale wars that happened in the Three Gorges occurred in the Three Kingdoms period. The Zhang Fei Temple China tour deals was a relic left from that time.

Here's a tale of the temple.

Zhang Fei was noted for his loyalty to friends and for his bravery. He met Liu Bei and Guan Yu and became sworn brothers at the Peach Garden and vowed to combine their strengths and efforts to restore peace and order to the country.

In 221, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei's sworn brother, died in the battle with the Wu State. Zhang Fei, who was called the Tiger General, swore revenge and prepared to attack the state of Wu with his army. He ordered Commanders Zhang Da and Fan Jiang to lead the attack and avenge his brother, under pain of death. The two treacherous officers cut off Zhang Fei's head, intending to surrender to the Wu State. However, they heard of a peace settlement between the states of Wu and Shu, and threw Zhang Fei's head into the river Yangtze River tour.

Legend has it that Zhang Fei appeared in a fisherman's dream and made a request to rescue his head and bury it in the Shu. The fisherman obeyed, and accidentally found a jar of gold when he rescued the head. Then he buried the head on Flying Phoenix Hill and built a temple using the gold he had found to commemorate the bold general.

The story is moving, but after Zhang Fei's death, Shu got weaker. In AD 223, Liu Bei was defeated by Wu and dead in Baidi town. Liu Chan, Liu Bei's son, occupied the Three Gorges for 40 years and had no ambitions to invade the Wu. Because of the special terrain, the Wu also couldn't break it. Until 263, the Wei Kingdom China Photography Tours broke the Shu, then defeated the Wu, and unified China. -- What surprised us was the route Wei took was almost the same as the Qin, when it defeated the Ba and Shu 400 years before.

Nowadays, when the national water project conflicted with the Zhangfei Temple, people decided to relocate the temple. The original Zhang Fei Temple would be below the water line after the Three Gorges project, so it had to be relocated.

The new location is more than 30 kilometers upriver from the old one. It was prudently selected -- the mountain, water and other surroundings are very similar to the old one and near to the town. The relocation steps were also very complicated -- all the wood ware, brick, tiles, poles and stone ware were numbered, moved to the new location and restored.

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