Wonderful events for winter - Ice & Snow Festival

p>Hā’ěrbīn’s main claim to fame these days is this festival. Every winter, from December to February (officially the festival opens 5 January), Zhāolín Park (照林公园) China vacation deals and Sun Island Park become home to extraordinarily detailed, imaginative and downright wacky snow and ice sculptures. They range from huge recreations of iconic buildings, such as the Forbidden City and European cathedrals, to animals and interpretations of ancient legends. At night they’re lit up with coloured lights to create a magical effect.

It might be mind-numbingly cold and the sun disappears mid-afternoon, but the festival, which also features figure-skating shows and a variety of winter sports, is Hā’ěrbīn’s main tourist attraction – and prices jump accordingly.

The festival takes place in multiple locations. The main venue, Harbin Ice and Snow World and the Snow Sculpture Art Exhibition are both held on Sun Island . The Ice and Snow World exhibits are held in the west end of the island on the north bank of the Sōnghuā River Yangtze River tour. They are best seen at night, so note that a daytime ticket (good from 9.30am to 1.30pm) does not grant admission to the venue at night.

The Ice Lantern Venue Student tours to China is held in Zhaolin Park and many consider it the least interesting venue. If you do go, again, get along at night when the lanterns are lit.

Taxis are expensive and often hard to flag down during the festival times but you can ride horse carriages, or even use your own feet: the Sun Island venues are actually reachable by crossing the frozen Sōnghuā River (plan on one to two hours). Note that prices for the festival have been skyrocketing recently so don’t be surprised if they are even higher than quoted above.

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