Travel Guide - Jianshui Ancient Town

The ancient city wall of Jianshui was built in Ming Dynasty with a long history of more than 600 years. Today, only Qingyuan tower at the West Gate and Chaoyang tower last minute China travel deals at the East Gate is left standing.

The Zhu family garden is a local residence with its unique characteristic. It was built 100 years ago by a merchant named Zhu and his brother after they became wealthy. The garden is built as alabyrinth. The main building is structured with a programming of "four vertical and three horizontal lines". It consists of many courtyard-style folk houses. The lively paintings, the upturned eaves and the elegant carvings on the roof beams will bring us back to the time when Zhu lived.

A young Opera stage stands in the water in the garden with only the goldfish to appreciate the scene. A pavilion built for the daughter of the master is a vestige for you to tell how the girl spent her lonely life.

The Jianshui Confucius Temple top China travel service is one of the biggest Confucius temples in China and another ancient building which is worth a visit. Confucius, the great philosopher, educator, lived from 551-479BC. His philosophies have deeply influenced the culture and life of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean. The Jianshui Confucius temple was first built 700 years ago and expanded several times. It survived, thanks to its remote location. The big cypress tree standing in the temple is hundreds of years old. Dacheng Hall is the most imposing one in the temple.

There are many ancient wells in Jianshui and it is interesting to search for these wells. One of them is so strange with the mouth likes the moon, hence its name--Moon Well China Photo Tour.

The most famous one in Jianshui is Daban Well. It is situated outside the West Gate. Local people like the taste of water and use it to boil tea every day. Not far away from Daba Well, there is another famous one named Xiaojie Well and goldfish swim in the water lightheartedly. These ancient wells are closely related to people’s daily lives.

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