Travel Guide - Mingqing Street of Pingyao Ancient City

With main streets forming a "干"shape, there are altogether four main streets, eight branch streets and 72 lanes in Pingyao Ancient City affordable China travel packages. The three-storey Market Tower is the center and joint point of the city streets. The buildings such as Ancient City Government seat, Town God's Temple, Confucius Temple, Military God Temple, Wealth God Temple and Lucky Fortune Temple are arranged symmetrically. Even have experienced a really long history, all these buildings show no sign of dilapidation. In front of the gates of some magnificent buildings and grand shops, deep ruts on the ground are still there to be seen, reminding visitors of its ancient busy traffic and commercial situation.

The streets in this ancient town are broad and very well arranged. Dotted with memorial archways and decorated gateways, the streets and lanes stretches one after another and high and low with the old houses and courtyards flanked. Walking along the ancient street, visitors will have the feeling of backing to a town of ancient China China travel service.

Located in the town center, the 18.5 meter-high Market Tower Public China Holidays is the highest building within the main street from the south to the north running through it. It is said the marketing was going on around this tower all day long long long time ago, hence the name Market Tower. Nowadays, this tower is one of the historical sites and protected by the provincial government. Moreover, though it had a renovation in 1688 during the Emperor Kangxi Period of Qing Dynasty, people still don’t know when it was first built.

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