Travel Experience to Qujiang Pool Park

Located in southeast Xian, 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) from the Bell Tower (the city center of Xian last minute China travel deals), Qujiang Pool Park was was designed by Zhang Jinqiu who aimed to rebuild the royal garden of ancient China and made it a recreation area in Xian. With it natural beauty and abundant history, Qujiang Pool Park has become a popular scenic spot since the day it opened to public on July 1st, 2008.

In history, Qujiang Pool was once the most famous scenic spot in Chang’an (the name of Xian in ancient China), a royal garden since the Qin Dynasty (221BC - 207BC). Later, in Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), Qujiang Pool China travel service has become a public recreation area. The Royal families, dignitaries and citizens usually went here.

While walking through the west gate of Qujiang Pool Park, the first thing you can see is the pool, which covers an area of 82 acres. Going south, you can find there are nine wooden houses which named after the tunes to which Song poems are composed. In some of the houses, Shaanxi opera, leather silhouette shows and Fengxiang clay sculptures are presented, and one of the buildings is a small museum, in which you can see the discoveries of archeological excavations of Qujiang ancient ruins.

Standing in the Qujiang Pavilion, which is located by the lake, visitors could see the Jiangtandieshui, a tiny waterfall which naturally divides the pool into two parts. Go south, you can find two reed marshes, which you can walk through on a wooden landing stage. At the end of this stage, you will arrive at Yunge Pavilion, from where you can rent a boat and take a visit on the lake. To the south is the Willow Dam, named for willows on both sides. At the end of Willow Dam, the Yuejiang Tower is situated in the south of the park, from where you can get a birds-eye-view of the park and have a rest. Then going north, you can see a house with a small pavilion off its winding corridor: a house on the river.

Here, it is a small island was designed with some houses and galleries for tourists to have a rest, even fishing. Besides, you can reach the island from a wooden bridge on the east bank, and arrive at the last scenic spot, the traditional Chinese style Changguan Teahouse. Not bad have a cup of Chinese tea and enjoy the beautigul scenery of the river.
Qujiang Pool Park Notes

1 By Public Transport
Take Bus No. 715 or Qujiang Xinjing Line and get off at Qujiangchi Yizhigongyuan Shopping in China (Qujiang Pool Park) station.
Take Bus No. 22, 212, 504, 801 to Qujiangchi Diaoduzhan (Qujiang Pool Control Office) station, and then the take a 2 minutes’ walk to Qujiang Pool Park.
2 By Taxi
Xian Railway Station-Qujiang Pool Park, 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), and it takes about CNY 30 by taxi.
Bell Tower-Qujiang Pool Park, 6 kilometers (3.7 miles), and it takes about CNY20 by taxi.
Qujiang Pool Park Remark

1 There are any other tourist spots nearby Qujiang Pool Park, such as Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Qujiang Cool Cve Heritage Park, Tang Paradise, Mausoleum of Huhai(the successor of Emperor Qin Shi Huang) etc.
2 If you want to eat there, Yuejiang Tower restaurant will be nice, however, since it is far from the downtown are, so the facilities are not so well developed, you can bring some water or food, or also go back and have dinner downtown.

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