Travel Experience to Xiamen International Marathon

Xiamen International Marathon, which is held since 2003 at the first Saturday of every January, is one of the two leading Marathon competitions of China China tour deals and an international marathon race that attracts the eyes of the world. With full marathon, half marathon, 10-km and 5-km races competitions, the number of participations is over 20,000 every year, and in the year of 2009, the number has already added up to 30,000. Moreover, there are over 40 television stations home and abroad rebroadcasting the competition which attracts more and more people’s eyes, and more and more people coming to participate in this competition.

The race course is designed to run through all the beautiful sights of Xiamen City along the Ring Island Road, which will surely give visitors another different experience to enjoy this beautiful island with a unique angle. Along with the competition, there will be a Xiamen International Marathon Photograph Competition China travel service, which is so great for photograph enthusiast.

Time: 8:00a.m., Saturday, January 2th, 2011
Venue: Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center (starting Point)
Registration: Both individual and team registration will be accepted China Educational tours.
Web Registration: October 10 to December 12, 2010
Site Registration: November 1 to December 12, 2010
Registration Charge: USD 20 per person, overtime registration charges double.
Awarding Ceremony: Awarding ceremonies will be held at Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center.

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