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Long Island, also called Orange Island, is located in middle of Xiang River, opposite to Changsha city center. In west there is Mt. Yuelushan and in east is Changsha city last minute China travel deals center. It is surrounded by water, stretching for tens of miles. Width in narrow part is about 40 meters and in broad part about 140 meters, shaped as a long island. It is a natural swimming pool and every hot mid-summer people come here for fun and cool, including Chairman Mao.

Long Island is one famous scenic spot in Changsha. Besides, it is also the biggest inland island in the world and regarded as “First Island” in China.

As a state five-A (topmost scenic spots quality level in China) tourist area, Long Island’s landscape is quite nice and charming, with Xiang River flowing gently aside. In spring, river gulls flying here and there; in summer, greens verdant and luxuriantly; in winter there is scenery out of “eight wonders of Xiaoxiang (another name of Hunan province)” can be enjoyed. After 1904, Changsha China travel service became a trading port opening to the outside world and Great Britain Consulate was on it. Nowadays, park is also built here with thousands of orange trees. In harvest season, countless rich fruits make you feel like standing in an orange sea, relaxed and happy when watching the sky.

Plants and Animals

Thousands of flowers and plants grow here, among them there are 143 precious ones in all. Embraced on three sides by mountains and one side by river, air here is moist and comfortable, the best place for plants. You can find orange garden, plum garden, chestnut garden, pear garden and so many other fruit gardens here. While strolling here, you can also have a taste. Besides, many rare animals live here, such as crane, egret, gull, fox, badger etc.

Relevance with Chairman Mao

Long Island is well-known also because of a famous person Chairman Mao China Photo Tour (Mao Zedong). In 1925, Chairman Mao got back to Hunan from Guangzhou and revisited Long Island in late autumn. This time, he wrote a poem named “Qinyuanchun Changsha” and this island’s name and fame rising. In 1960, a special bridge to the island was built. Besides, a huge white marble monument standing here with four Chinese characters “Long Island” written by Chairman Mao and some sentences from his poem “Qinyuanchun Changsha” and on its back is the whole text of Chairman Mao’s poem. Under the island, both sides are flat bench land.

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