Get to know Ruqin Lake

Built in 1961, Ruqin Lake covers an area of 110,000 square meters with a storage capacity of approximately 1,000,000 cubic meters. Because of the lake shaped like a harp, the lake is named Ruqin Lake. Located in Mt. Lushan in north Nanchang China tour deals, Ruqin Lake is surrounded by dense forests with an island in the center living a lot of artificial rearing peacocks. As a highland lake, Ruqin Lake is about 1,100 meters above the sea level.

Visiting Guide

The scenery in Ruqin Lake China travel service is very beautiful. The first view you can see is the lakeshore and the deep green around. All the intoxicating scenery around is the green except the red and yellow roofs prowling in the bush. The species in the Mt. Lushan are rich and the distribution of the plant is very broad. So Mount Lu in different seasons has different sights, even in the same season has a variety of show.

Due to the dependency of mountain and ridge, Ruqin Lake looks more shining and permits the reflections of flowers, grasses, bamboos, woods, mountain buildings, bridges and pavilions far and near. Besides, the reflection of the greens of the multiple levels is also admitted in the lake. On the west of the island in the center of Ruqin Lake is built a waterside pavilion with the construction of Gallery Bridge connected with the lakeshore. The green pines are around the center island China Holidays. The air here is very fresh and you can revel in the green arms and the artistic conception of the poem. Two words Hua Jing (written by Bai Juyi a very famous writer in ancient China) are carved in the gallery. And Bai Juyi came here, writing a beautiful poem which is widely spread by the offspring.
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