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798 Art Zone China tour deals in Beijing is always compared with Greenwich Village and SOHO in New York. Also known as 798 Art District and DAD (Dashanzi Art District), "798" is located in the Dashanzi area, to the northeast of central Beijing. The area occupied by 798 was once the place for Beijing North China wireless joint equipment factory (718 Joint Factory), which was designed and built by the experts of former G.D.R in the 1950s.

From 2001, artists in and around Beijing began to move into 798 factory because they thought the factory had unique advantage for art creates. They made use of the architecture features of Bauhaus (Bauhaus is an architecture feature in German formed in 1920s. It belongs to Modernism architectures. Bauhaus thinks much of the functions, techniques and economic effects of the constructions which are represented in 798 factory). The artists decorated the factory and turned it into a special art exhibition and creative room. Now 798 is now becoming a cultural landmark of Beijing China shopping.

798 Space is a new rising, avant-garde and trendy space that hosts high-level cultural, artistic and commercial activities. Mottled red-brick wall China Holidays ,Scattered orderly industrial plants, crisscross pipelines, slogans of different ages on the wall. Uniformed workers and fashion visitors form unique scenery. History and reality, industry and the arts perfectly fit here. The art zone can hold more than 1000 guests with ease. More than 100 cultural institutions including publish, architecture design, fashion design, furniture design, music performance, film and art studios are set up here. Besides art galleries, bars, restaurants, book stores, clothes shops and Yoga centers could also be found in the art zone. 798 Art Zone was awarded as one of the 22 best city art centers by Time Magazine in 2003.

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