Chinese Puppet Show - A Fol Tradional Art

Chinese puppetry has a long history. If you have a China tour to Fujiang, you can watch puppet show.

Chinese puppetry has a long history. It is noted for its many types of puppets and superb manipulative skill.It's a truly unique art combining opera, music, fine art and craftsmanship. It creates magic with a beam of light.

Puppet shows from various places had their own unique characteristics with strong local color in terms of figure modeling. String puppets from Quanzhou and Heyang, glove puppets from Zhangzhou, rod puppets from Guangdong, wire puppets from Chaozhou, shoulder-pole puppets from Wuqiao and large rod puppets from Sichuan were all finely and vividly crafted. They had all types of roles -- Sheng dan, jing and chou -- as in Chinese opera. Especially in the last few decades, Chinese puppets have been modeled using modern techniques. Generally speaking, the puppet design and modeling have reached a considerably high level.

If you are really interested in the ancient art, you can customize China tour to watch or learn something about it.

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