Visist Huangqing Pool during your Xian travel

The Huaqing Pool is located in the Lintong District 30 km east to the urban area of Xian China tour deals. With Mount. Li mountain to its south and the Wei River to its north, it boasts the natural hot springs. The favorable geographical condition and natural environment make it one of the cradles where ancient people settled and . It was also a favorite place for emperors to build their palaces as a resort. Since ancient times, it has ever been a famous bathing and tourist destination.

According to historical records and archeological documents, the Huaqing Pool has a history of 6000 years for the use of hot springs and a history of 3000 years of royal gardens. Over these years, the cultural relics excavated near the source of hot springs prove that over 6000 years ago primitive residents had used the hot spring. In West Zhou, King Youwang ordered the construction of "Li Palace" on the site. Then the emperors of the following dynasties join in the line China travel service.

After Emperor Xuan Zong China shopping ascended the throne, he commanded the construction of Huaqing Palace on a large scale. The construction was built along the Lishan Mountain's range, and the former spring well was designed into a pool. Roads were built to reach the top of Lishan Mountain and one two-way road to Changan linked Huaqing Palace with Daming Palace and Xingqing Palace in the capital city. In the year 747 A.D., the new palace was completed and emperor Xuan Zong named it "Huaqing Palace". Because there are many hot spring pools in the palace, it is also called "Huaqing Pool" With the third peak of Lishan Mountain and the source of hot springs on the axis and the hot springs as the center, the palace was laid out in four directions. This design, on the one hand, made a good use of the hot springs; on the other hand, it represented a precise and strict layout. Inside the palace, there were officials' bureaus and houses and hot pools. In addition, some recreational places such as the "Rooster Fight Pit" and "Polo Field" etc. for emperor Xuan Zong and Lady Yang were also available. At that time, the history of Huaqing Pool reached its climax.

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