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Shaanxi province Huayin City Shuangquan village last minute China travel deals is a small village located at the foot of Mount Huashan, the Yellow River, Weihe and Luo river crossing near the village, in the village there is an old tune-shadow play theatrical troupe handed down from age to age. Shadow play is not uncommon in Shaanxi area, but this troupe in Shuangquan village has a unique singing called laoqiang (Old tune). It is said that as early as the Western Han Dynasty, here was a military warehouse, and grain here can be transported through water to the capital Chang'an. In order to unify everybody's action, the leading boatman screamed a work song to synchronize movements, at the same time using the wood brick knock on the side of a ship - this is the origin of the old tune.  

Laoqiang is a Banqiang style genre of drama, is a kind of shadow play. Performers acted in the backstage is called shadow play, while acted and sung in the front desk is Laoqiang, mainly popular in Shuangquan village of Huayin city, Shaanxi province. According to the " Hua county rrecords" : laoqiang shadow play also called Banqiang tune, and it has been prevailing in Hua zhou(now called Hua county)from the first year of Qing emperor Qianlong to the tenth year of Qianlong (1736-1745 ). Huayin city facing the Tongguan to the east, Hua County to the west, bordering the Qinling Mountains China travel service and Luonan County to the south, north to the Dali County which across the Weihe River, its geographical location created its unique singing characteristics.

There are two sources of Laoqiang' name, one is compared with the local operas, Laoqiang is earlier than other local operas, its music is composed of primitive simplicity, simple and honest, straightforward and unconstrained, is the legacy of ancient times, so people called it Laoqiang. Other one is the talking and singing of Lao Hekou, Hubei province which reached to Shaanxi and then developed into Laoqiang, so people took the first word of "Lao Hekou' to name is as Laoqiang.

Huayin Laoqiang is a kind of shadow play drama that based on the local folk art of storytelling in late Ming and early Qing Dynasty and then developed into today's Laoqiang. For a long time, it has been the family play of Zhang family in Quandian Village of Huayin County (it only passed to the name of the family, not outsiders). Its tune is upright, majestic and heroic spirit, sounded like big guys of Guanxi Shopping in China sing the mighty river flows eastward; the fall of notes were introduced from Weishui boatman's chant melody, taking the form of Bangqiang which is leaded by a person and then sing along with others(commonly known as LaBo among the folk ); Without suona's accompaniment, only use the rhythm of hardwood clappers, formed a unique advantage of this genre of drama, make it full of outstanding historical and cultural value, handed down from generation to generation, longstanding on the stage of opera. But in view of the special condition of this genre of drama (family play), for the time being it is at the edge of distinction, there is an urgent need for long-term protection.

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