Way to Tibet –Train Riding on the Highest Railway

It is said that the Tibetan Plateau is the “roof of the world” as the average altitude of this area is around 4000-5000 m. Thus the Qinghai-Tibet Railway which connected Xining and Lhasa Tibet Tours, is the highest railway of the world. It was lucky for me to start this dreamy China Tour that experience this railway towards the heaven.

With unique natural and geographical condition, the Tibetan Plateau breeds and accumulates striking folk custom and religious culture. It is home to mysterious Tibetan People; it is the place where magnificent Mt. Everest, crystal blue Cuona Lake and T’ou-t’ou River, the source of the Yangtze, located.

Golmud-Lhasa section is the core of this railway, which stretches 1142 km and collects the most fantastic scenery of the plateau. Can you imagine how excited it would be to experience a train riding on this railway? Let’s go!

The design speed of the train is 160 km/hour. Each train to Tibet equips two sets of Oxygen supply system, one is whole carriage Oxygen supply (circulating), the other one is private Oxygen supply (Oxygen mask). With the help of hi-tech equipments, the temperature and pressure in the train maintain in a balance condition.

During the whole journey China vacation deals, this train has to pass 9 scenery platforms, also be set up as 9 stations, with an average height of over 4000m above sea level. But on the other hand, in this 960 km riding, you will have chance to enjoy the landscapes, one may think, which only exist in fairy tales or fantasy films.

The 9 platforms include: Yuzhu Peak Station, Chumaer River. Tuotuo river, Buqiangge, Tanggula Mountain, Lake Namtso, Nagqu, Damshung, Yangbachen.

If you take the luxury train, you can get a closer look of those sceneries as you will have the privilege to get offer the train for a short trip to china when it stops at each station. Otherwise, you just can appreciate the fantastic view through the window.

When the train reached Golmud station, you were standing on the central region of Qinghai Province Shopping in China. The main body of grand Kunlun Mountain and the famous inhibited land - Kekexili Area just removed their veils in front of you.
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