Way to Tibet –Train Riding on the Highest Railway II

Minutes later, you would find you yourself were incredibly flying along the high ridge of this mountain affordable China tours. At this time, you were far away from the secular noisy world, only the sleeping mountains and wild animals accompanied you.

Kunlun Mountain is about 160km away from Golmud city, but the average altitude climbs rapidly from 2800m to 4000m. Thus when you enter the region, you can even see the Summer Snow. Actually, within the mountain area, there’s no a clear line to separate the seasons.

When you reached the eastern Kunlun area, you would find there were several pipe-like things standing on the both sides of the railwaybed, which been called “Hot Pins”. It’s reported that the hot pin was a hi-tech product invented by Nanjing University of Technology, which could leading-out the heat beneath and keep the temperature of the soil in steady frozen level.

Through the window, you could also see the iron fence, further, there would be several stone fronts to stabilize the sand and protect the railway.

The temperature outside was below 2℃ when the train passed the Pass of Danggula Mountains (5231). We have reached the Tibet Tibet Travel region. Through the window, you could see frozen lakes and continuous snow mountains with the average altitude over 4000m.

The Danggula Station was the highest railway station in the world so far that locates on the 5231m high frozen land. The train continued its journey into the core land of Tibet.

The same day around 16:30, we reached Cuona Lake Station (4594m), which was the highest fresh-water lake of the world and the source of Nujiang River.

We were very close to the lake and could see the broad lake surface through the window. It was a cloudy day, the color of the lake was so gloomy. As a divine lake in local, it welcomed thousands of Tibetan followers for pilgrim every year.

At 17:40, we arrived at Nagqu Station (4513m), where we could get down the train to breathe some fresh air. The temperature outside is around 5℃. The chilly air refreshed my mind immediately. Pure blue sky, white snow mountains and isolated land greeted the eye.

Damxung Station

The about 2hours later, we reached Damxung Station (4300m). We could see some low-rise houses straggled across the land Public China Holidays. We knew that we have driven out of the isolate area, but seemed much closer to the heaven.

Minutes later, there were heavy snow fell from the sky. Soon, the vast land was covered with snow.

There’s only 160km left. In another word, for another 2 more hours riding, we would reach Lhasa.

At 21:50, we arrived at Lhasa Railway Station, which is the highest railway station of the world.

Stood on the land of faith, the heart of Tibet, we were speechless.

In Zang Language (Tibetan language), “Lha” means godly, “Sa” means land, thus “Lhasa” this word indicates - this is a divine land. And the most exciting thing will be - Our Tibet Trip was beginning! We were here!

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