Stone Gate Pass in Yangbi County, Dali, Yunnan

Stone Gate Pass is a part of Cangshan National Geological Park and one of the 16 well-known attractions in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province last minute China travel deals.

Located at Jinniutun village, Yangbi Yi Autonomous County, Stone Gate Pass (or Shimenguan) consists of two cliffs, with one protruding and the other concave. It is also well-known for snow-capped mountain and canyons, ice erosion geographic features, alpine plants and flowers, as well as the mysterious and primitive Yi customs.
Besides, Yan Bridge, Dangbi River Yangtze River tour, and Quan Bridge River are attractive.
How to get to Yangbi Stone Gate Pass
Take buses, trains or plane to Dali City.
Yangbi Yi Autonomous County is 29 kilometers away from the seat of the city, 30 kilometers away from the local train station and 35 kilometers away from airport.


Travelers may begin trips from the left side of the valley in Jinniutun Village Shopping in China. There is a pond in front of the Stone Gate Pass.

Entering the pass, tourists will see waterfalls down towards the gate pass and pour into the pond. There are rare plants in the valley, including orchids and azaleas.

Along the way, there is a temple which is almost embeded in the mountain.

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