Gubei Water Town sits at foot of the Great Wall

Gubei Water Town is located at Gubeikou in Beijing's suburban Miyun district, at the foot of the Simatai Great Wall China travel deals. With a history of more than a thousand years, the water town, which covers an area of nine square kilometers, has been revitalized with new attractions.

Gubei Water Town Scenic Area China travel service is divided into 2 sections: Gubei Water Town and Simatai Great Wall. Simatai Great Wall was closed for renovation since June 2010. These 2 sections reopen to receive visitors on January, 2014.

In the town center, an ancient stage comes to life with regular performances with traditional features. There are 2 hotels and 4 guesthouses for those who want to stay and experience the town's night views. The water town, built on the site of five sub-villages of Simatai village, consists of six areas including Minguo Street and the water street area.

The water street area is one of the town's highlights and vividly brings to life the water towns of Jiangnan by reproducing winding rivers China Holidays, waterfront houses, arched stone bridges, cobblestone and stone slab paths, old buildings and folk culture.

As part of the Scenic Area, the Simatai Great Wall has reopened to the public after more than three years' closure. This section of the Great Wall is one of the best-protected parts which keep the original features of the Ming dynasty' Great Wall.

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