How to get the Xiling Snow Mountain from Chengdu

1. Wave for a taxi, climb in, and go to 59 Linjiang Lu. This is where the bustling Xinnanmen Bus Station sits. It's pronounced Xin Nan Men Qi Che Zhan in Chinese and every driver knows this place well. It is located near the center of the city China vacation deals , just a little bit to the south, and should be under 20 RMB from most points and hotels within Third Ring Road in Chengdu. The contact number for the station is 85433609. Buses leave typically each hour and sometimes twice an hour; it all depends on the time of year and demand. Just know you won't be waiting too long once you get to the station.

2. Go to the counter and ask for a ticket, either one-way or round-trip, to Xi Ling Xue Shan. You will save a few RMB by booking round-trip, but note you can connect from Xiling Snow Mountain to other tourist sites around Sichuan China Sichuan Tours. A one-way ticket is 32 RMB, but can vary slightly depending upon demand.

3. Go through the security check, grab your baggage and find the correct gate for buses heading to China Holidays Xiling Snow Mountain.

4. Check to see when the next bus is leaving, buy any snacks and drinks if desired, and line up and wait for boarding to be announced. Be sure to keep an eye on your belongings and your fellow travel members, especially if you have children.

5. You can also find bus to Xingling Snow Mountain in Jinsha Bus Station, where is located in 50 Middle Qingjiang Lu. There is only one bus head to the mountain every day from March to November, while in winter (December, January and February) there are two buses head to the mountain every day.

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