Where is Dry Sea?

Dry Sea is a large natural pasture locates in the eastern foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, about 25 kilometers away from Old Town of Lijiang What & Where to buy in China.

Dry Sea is the closest and the best place for looking up the complete picture of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Here you can see the thirteen peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain arranged in order from north to south, magnificent, majestic and impressive.

Dry Sea protected area affordable China tours is not only a national forest park scenic spots, but also an important eco-tourism and cultural tourism area. The landscape a type of Dry Sea is Alpine natural scenery type, good ecological systems and natural environment make it become a natural habitat place for wildlife.

Annual spring and summer, the flowers bloom together and compose huge Garden, where the whole meadow is full of vitality. Currently, Dry Sea built snowflakes Resort Holidays in China and large cableway straight up to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain glacier, visitors can take the cable car up to the snowfields to watch beautiful snowscape and wonderful serac clusters, or enjoy skiing.

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