Travel Guide - Clothes and Ornaments of the Dai People

The traditional Dai clothes are mostly made of home-spun cloth by Dai women. The cloth has beautiful patterns. Men's wear is similar to that of the Han people. There upper clothes are a short shirt with buttons down the front, no collar, or shirts with short sleeves and buttons on the right. The trousers China travel deals are long and wide. The Dai men like to wrap their heads with white or blue cloth.

The Dai women's clothes China shopping have a variety of styles. In the Xishuangbanna area, women often wear white, sky-blue or pink tight underwear with Jewel-collared short skirt outside, with buttons on the front or on the right. The shirt has long and slim sleeves which wrap on the arms tightly. It is thin and narrow at the waist, exposing part of skin at the lower back. The lower clothes are usually a tight skirt, which is long and can even reaches the feet. This kind of clothes well reveal the beautiful figure of the Dai women.

Many Dai women wear a silk girdle around their waists. It is said to be very precious, because it is passed down by mothers from generation to generation. The girdle is actually a love token. If a girl gives the silver girdle to a young man, it means she has fallen in love with him China Holidays.

The Dai women are particular about their hair style. They wind their long hair into a bun on the top of the head, and fix it with only a beautiful crescent-moon-shaped comb.

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