Travel Guide - Nuohei Stony Village of Shilin County,Kunming

Stepping into the Nuohei Village of Shilin County where the world famous Stone Forest affordable China tours is, you will be greeted by an authentic stony world. Most parts of the residences and utensils in the Sani ethnic village are marvelously made of natural lime stones, including roofs (tiles), walls, tobacco kilns, stables, grinding mills, gates, and roads. Some of the stony houses inside the village are at least 100 years old, leaving a wonder to explorers. The best way for exploring the village is to stroll along the major road in the village, with local stony residences scattering here and there.

Nuohei Village lies in the Karst geographic area of Shilin County China shopping. The locals have kept a tradition to make use of what is available near where they live. After lime stones are exploited, they will process them into slabs according to the natural veins for further use--paving roads or constructing houses. In the ancient times, forefathers of the Nuohei villagers chose flat areas in the stony mountains to chisel stones and construct. It is said that the stones dug out when people made building foundations were galore enough for constructing an entire house.

Like folk residences elsewhere, the houses in Nuohei are constructed with woods and mainly stones. Most families have a principle house (three rooms) and a side house (two wing rooms); and around each family, you can see vigorous aged trees and bamboo groves.

Due to its artistic value, Nuohei is the haunt of many art school students for outdoors painting.

As the village gets more and known to the outside world, many villagers have opened restaurants in the village China Holidays, such as Cengshi Villa, Sitongyuan, Yulanyuan, Luosonghang, Lijiayuan and Family Wang's Compound etc. You will be treated with household dishes of the Sani people.

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