Travel Experience to The Mingyong Glacier

We hired a jeep and driver to take us to Mingyong village, inside the Meili Xue Shan Reserve affordable China tours, the starting point for the walk to the glacier. It’s quite a hairy ride along a narrow road, precariously clinging to the severely eroded mountainside, high above the gushing Langcang, or Mekong, River.

Mingyong village itself is a very clean and cheerful place, with a couple of simple guesthouses, restaurants and shops.

After crossing a bridge you get to the trailhead, where there are lots of ponies and mules for hire, all of them very sleek and well-looked after. However, if you are only planning to go to the glacier, you won’t need any transport, as it isn’t that far and the path is clearly marked. It’s a lovely walk, through an old forest of huge trees, overgrown with moss. The forest floor is covered in ferns and other, lush green plants, interspersed by the occasional wildflower. From time to time you pass piles of mani stones (stones engraved or painted with sacred texts), prayer flags and other signs indicating certain holy rocks or trees. Unlike in other Chinese parks, there are no refreshment stalls, no souvenirs, and no hawkers; absolutely nothing to break the magical ambience of the place Shopping in China!

About two-thirds of the way up, the muddy path is suddenly replaced by a raised wooden plank-way. The views are incredible: over the pine trees and river below, and up towards the beginning of the glacier. This first stretch of plank-way takes you to a clearing with a small, picturesque temple and a couple of snack stalls. From here you can get your first full views of the glacier.

It’s another good half an hour to get right up to the glacier from here; first along another stretch of plank-way, and finally climbing up several flights of stairs, leading to ever higher viewing platforms. Close-up, the glacier looks a bit like a honeycomb Shopping in China, with beautiful blue patches, reflecting in the light.

All in all, it took us about two and a half hours to reach the glacier, but only one and a half to get back down. It was hard work at times, due to the altitude, but certainly worth it.

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