Get to know Fugong County,Nujiang

Fugong County is located in the southwest border in Yunnan Province, northwest of the Hengduan Mountains China vacation deals of the Gaoligongshan Biluo snow-capped mountains and the middle between the Nujiang River Canyon. Weixi the east, the Lanping county, south Lu Shuixian , Gongshan County, north, west and adjacent to the Union of Myanmar, 142.218 km long borderline. Fugong County covers a total area of 2724.64 square kilometers, exemptions on the town of Napa, Margibi Township, El Shaddai at the end of the rural, deer Madden Township, by the end of the rural - , A rural yard, Nu River horsepower six rural townships such as a town, 57 village committees, lived in the Lisu, angry, white, Chinese, Naxi, Tibetan and other ethnic 20. Nu is Fugong County in the National Native , And other ethnic population in the 15th century are gradually moving into the future.

Lisu and Nu people are industrious and brave, hospitality, guests visit, often with pestle wine, Kaoru Zhu hospitality, subject and object of drink, "Care of liquor" to show their friendship. Lisu Holidays in China and Nu people Nenggeshanwu, during festive programme, married to get married, they dressed in national costumes, Shouzhi pipa, dizi, I chord, singing national tune, jumping Folk Dance, together, in particular, the annual "Width season", is bustling.

Fugong: 123km north of Liuku, mainly populated by the Lisu tribe. There are rice terraces just outside the town centre on the slopes all along the river, easily accessible by walking. All along the trek up the slopes, the view extended to the Gaoligong Mountains China travel service with snow crowned peaks soaring over 4000m.

Places to stay: There is ample accommodation in town as this region seems to be developing fast with better transport. Most of the accommodation options are close to the bus station near the town centre. Bus Station Hotel has clean doubles for Y50. Dianli Hotel μ?á|±?1Y is the most luxury hotel in town, only Y80 for a nice double.
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